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3 Kickit Freestyle Tricks you Need to Try!

September 22, 2020 2 min read

3 Kickit Freestyle Tricks you Need to Try!

Kickit tricks for kicks! These can be loads of fun and be a great way to entertain your family and friends. After all, who doesn't love a good Kickit trick?!

"When I compete in Charleston or play with friends, I try to surprise people with different skills! It is so rewarding to have kids try the same trick and get it," says Charleston Youth Head Coach and Kickit Pro TK Abderahman. 

Kickit tricks are more than just fun. When asked what learning tricks with the Kickit can do, Lawend Barzenji, a Kickit Freestyler shared, "When I first started to attempt different skills and tricks, I failed a lot... But, I was determined! And not too long after, I was able to finally complete an Around The World, or 'ATW' in the freestyle world.

After attempting these tricks in private, I finally built up the confidence to try them in public! I would say Kickit has helped me become more social and confident! with my juggling skills".

Here are 4 Kickit tricks to try today - Remember to never give up! If it can be done with a soccer ball, it can be done with a Kickit.

Trick #1: The Inverted Flea-Flicker-upper 

(Also known as the “Adesodun flick”)

This trick was first achieved in 2017 by Charleston Battery playerTemi Adesodun. This move is great if you are looking to add a little showboating to your 1v1 Kickit serves or if you are looking for a sweet looking trick to learn when you're first starting out.

Invert the Kickit so the feathers touch the ground, step over and use your back foot to follow through... Pro tip; use that SAME foot to catch it on the other side. It's the quickest way.


Trick #2: Side-Kick

(Also Known as “The Signature Move”)

This is one epic trick. It involves going fully air born and twisting your body to make contact mid-air. Check out this video of Professional Soccer Player Nico Rittmeyer and TK Abderahman as they go back and forth with the signature move! 


Trick #3: Around the World 

(Also Known as “ATW”)

Not a new trick... but for the Kickit, it's one that gets mad respect when pulled off! If you pull this off, it shatters the perception that a Kickit can only be juggled for the sake of "keeping it alive". It quickly sparks the creativity of any soccer player for and begs the question: "What else can you do with it..." The ATW with a Kickit came to be when Kickit was first invented while the founder was playing for Tormenta FC in Statesboro Georgia.