The Basics of Kickit

Quick Tips to get an edge over your opponents:

1. Treat the Kickit like you would when passing a soccer ball. Open up your hips and use the insides of your feet. Keep your heel down and toes pointed up. Lock your ankle and make a sweeping leg motion for optimal and consistent contact with the Kickit. Tip, using the outside of your foot is a quick way to intro some swag into your game.

2. Using your head is a deadly weapon and we highly recommend it to score quick points. We know it's called "kickit" but this is a game just like soccer where you can use ANY BODY PART ... except for your hands!

3. Make the court smaller for faster action and longer rallies. The closer in proximity you are to the net the more fun and competitive it can be.

4. Just remember there is really only one rule to (rule them all). And That rule is this... don't just "kick it", Kickit! You get to define what that means. If it means 'no rules, anything goes to keep it alive', so be it. Don't be afraid to mix it up and create new games and challenges!