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August 19, 2022 3 min read

If you landed on this page, it means you now own a Kickit Trainer. Welcome to the Team!

We've been all over the world showing people how to play and observing the common mistakes about how to actually "Kick it". So here's your guide to having an absolute blast with Kickit for a long time. 

1. Why is it made like this and why is that important?

The feathers create "drag" which is a fancy way of saying they slow the kickit down in the air causing it to float and stay in the air longer. This gives you more time to react and get your feet right to make the next touch.

The weights flip it over so the kickpad faces down for your foot to kickit again. 

The rubber kickpad gives it extra bounce so you only need to kick it slightly to get it up high in the air. This teaches you to have a sensitive touch. This is important for gaining ball control skills. 

2. How should I kickit?

Pinch the logo, hold the Kickit out above your foot, release your grip (do not throw it up in the air and then try to kickit), and kickit straight up about chest high. By kicking it straight up you keep it within your reach and by kicking it about chest high, you give the Kickit enough time to flip over in the air. If you try to juggle it lower like a soccer ball, the Kickit will not flip over in time and you will be unable to juggle it over and over again. 

3. How do I make it last a long time? 

When you're done with it, store it in the package it came in. We designed the hardened cardboard construction and the steel lid to make for the perfect storage vessel to keep your feathers safe. Once inside the packaging you can throw it in any bag for safe travel. 

Don't let the feathers get wet, this will alter their look and functionality.

Try not to step on the feathers or kick the feathers. The feathers are for creating drag, not for kicking. The large kickpad is designed to be kicked as hard as you can. Kick that all day long!

4. What all can I do with it? 

Don't just juggle it on your own and keep all the fun to yourself! Grab some friends and family in a circle and spread out. Just like the old fashioned "hacky sack circles", play the game of keeping it alive! See how many times you guys can keep it in the air without using your hands, or use your hands... if you really need to! 

*Tip: Kicking the Trainer UP in the air is the trick, do not kickit directly at someone, that is much harder to receive.

Ever heard of 4-Peg? In a circle with friends, pass the Kickit around. It must get 4 consecutive juggles before someone can catch it. Once it's caught, the catcher can only pivot on one leg, while trying to peg someone else that's running away. If someone is pegged and they do not catch the rebound, they have "lost a life". Every player has 3 lives before they are eliminated. Last one standing wins!

Finally -- a game for real enthusiasts, Soccer Badminton! Play Kickit over a net using anything but your hands! Be sure to check out our Full Sport Pack set here to learn more. 

That's all! Happy Kicking and we hope to see you out there.