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Kickit Trainers

Soccer + Badminton = Kickit! 

This is the standard Kickit ( 💭 Imagine kicking a large durable badminton birdie!)

You Kick the rubber base 👟  ⤴️ it flies up in the air ⬆️ flips over ⤵️and then you kick the rubber base again👍! Rinse and repeat to improve your touch.

The Dynamic Flipping Effect is what makes juggling a Kickit so unique and so much fun! 💫

The Kickit's 40% larger Kick-Pad is designed for anyone, no matter the skill level.

Our youngest Kickit juggling record holder is 7-year-old Aiden with 35 consecutive juggles after just 25 minutes. Our current Kickit juggling record is 515 from 26-year-old former professional soccer player Khalil. Where will you stack up?

Fun fact: This concept originated over 2 centuries agoLet's Kickit!