5 Kickit Mistakes to Avoid

5 Kickit Mistakes to Avoid

In this article, Founder of Kickit, Eli Dent, outlines some of the most common mistakes he's seen over the course of his Kickit playing career.

Eli has played in over 500 competitive Kickit matches across the globe. From big cities like New York City, Seattle, Chicago all the way to...Helsinki and Paris. So it's safe to say that he knows what he's talking about.

Here's a quick overview of 5 mistakes Kickit Players most commonly make:

Mistake #1: Rushing your Kick

In the heat of the moment, it's normal for you to get excited and want to kick the Kickit right away! However, it’s important to maintain your composure so you don't lose a point to your opponent!

Eli's Recommendation: Breathe and keep your composure. Time your kick, wait for the feathers to be vertical and the Kickpad to face you-- before making your move! Composure is one of the five key skills that Kickit (and soccer) players have reported making drastic improvements on!

Watch the composed-rhythm and timing in this How-To video:

Mistake #2: Trying to play the Kickit when it’s too late

Every player, in any sport, will agree that it is not over... until it is over. The same saying goes for Kickit but on a slightly different scale. If the Kickit is out of reach and too close to the ground to successfully keep it alive, do not go for the kick! The reason this is a mistake is because many players who have tried to make that final lunge to avoid losing a point, end up damaging the Kickit and still losing the point. While it is not common, it happens that stepping on the feathers or the central axis (where the logo is) can damage your Kickit. 

Eli's Recommendation: Keep your feet moving and stay ready. Proactive movements like staying light on your toes in a ready position will reduce the need to lunge. Also, know when it is okay to lose a point and fight another day! 

Watch how the players in this rally stay light on their toes:


Mistake #3: Playing near a Dog

We have all seen what a happy K-9 can do to a soccer ball…It’s not fun, and 9/10 times it will lead to a damaged ball. A Kickit is no different! It is clear that dogs are man's best friend but they are not Kickit’s best friend! 

Eli's Recommendation: Easy one! Keep Fido a safe distance away from the Kickit. 

Mistake #4: Playing around fragile objects 

Kickit is a game that can and will bring out the competitive nature in you. Sweat is dripping, you're playing in your living room, and it's Game Point (the last point to win the match)... Even the best players can take a bad first touch, and if that touch happens to go near an expensive vase, or memorabilia, lunging to save the point at the expense of breaking something fragile is not advised!

Eli's Recommendation: If playing outside is not an option, it is highly recommended to create a big enough space indoors by moving furniture and all expensive items away from the Kickit court. Your parents might get mad for moving the couch but if the vase is still standing by the end of the match, it will have been worth it! 

Mistake #5: Playing too far apart

By fixing this, you will actually improve upon mistakes #1 and #2. The more experienced you become, the easier playing further apart will be! 

RecommendationClosing the gap will allow for you and your teammate to make more accurate kicks.

Watch this How-To video:

Now that you know the 5 Mistakes to Avoid, get out there and dominate the court!

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