Kickit Vs. Kickit Pro-Trainer Explained

What is the difference between a Kickit and a Kickit Pro-Trainer anyway?

This article will help break it down for you!

Difference between a Kickit and a Kickit Pro Trainer

There are many key differences between a Kickit and a Kickit Pro-Trainer. Here are the high level differences:

The Kickit Pro-Trainer is faster, more sensitive, and better for doing tricks/ skill moves.

The Kickit Trainer is slower, less sensitive, and better for playing at the net.

Want more of the nitty gritty? Here you go:

The Kickit Pro-Trainer is faster because it has only 4 feathers, a smaller kick-pad, and a narrower profile, causing it to create less drag on the way down. The kickpad on the Pro-Trainer is more sensitive because the surface area of the kick-pad is smaller and more compressed, causing it to bounce higher with much less effort. The Kickit Pro-Trainer is also better for doing skill moves because of its narrower or slimmer profile. Because of this, It doesn't require as much movement to get your leg/foot/body around it to land tricks.

The Kickit is slower because we have expanded the center of gravity (CG) controller in the middle (where the logo is) and added an additional feather (5 total) for more drag to increase flight time (or the time that it stays in the air). This was designed to give you more time to react and get your body positioning correct for making optimal contact.

The Kickit Trainer's kickpad is less sensitive because we expanded the size of the kicking surface giving it slightly more compression for more of a muted bounce than the pro version, but still fairly bouncy-- that's part of the fun afterall!

We expanded the size of the kickpad primarily to make it an easier target to hit for beginners. It is much easier to make contact with the Kickit than the smaller Pro.

The Kickit is better for playing at the net because of the larger kickpad and the increased air time. These key changes have helped us to create a game that everyone can play! 


So which one should you get?

Here's what we have found:

Soccer players ages 6 to Pro love the Kickit Pro-Trainer because it presents a new challenge related to a game they already love, adore, and are motivated to get better at -- soccer/football.

Anyone ages 6+ that wants a new way to get active and casually kick around with some friends/family would enjoy the Kickit more as it requires slightly less coordination and accuracy.

Anyone, especially including people who have played soccer, ages 8 to Pro that like a good natured competitive game would love the full Kickit Sport-Pack. Why 8+ for the Kickit Sport-Pack? Because if you're younger than 8, the thing you love most is Kicking the Kickit as high as you can, or seeing how many juggles you can get with it! You're probably less interested in the rules of a game and the confines of the court. At least that's what we have found. Who knows, maybe you've got a Kickit Sport prodigy on your hands!

Hopefully this helped to answer your questions about the key differences between a Kickit and a Kickit Pro-Trainer so you can make the best decision for you or whoever you're shopping for! If you have any more questions please reach out to our team at




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