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If you landed on this page, it means you now own a Kickit Trainer. Welcome to the Team! We've been all over the world showing people how to play and observing the common mistakes about how to actually "Kick it". So here's your guide to having an absolute blast with Kickit for a long time.

Product FAQ's

In a nutshell, the Kickit is easier than the Kickit Pro-Trainer. The Kickit has an extra red feather making it slower in the air, and it has a larger kickpad for easier contact. The Kickit Pro-Trainer has one less feather making it move quicker in the air and it has a smaller kickpad for a bigger challenge.

The Kickit Sport Pack comes with one standard red Kickit, one portable net, one Sport Pack carry bag, assembly instructions, gameplay instructions and one cool box!

Kickit is only for the active, the fun, and the curious. If you would use any of those words to describe yourself, then Kickit is definitely for you. The communities that kickit the most are:

1. Soccer enthusiasts (from adult league buddies, youth soccer players, professional players and coaches)

2. Active families

3. Casual friend groups (A.K.A. The Cool Kids)

Customer Service FAQ's

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