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The Kickit is travel size at 9 inches tall -- like most water bottles. You can experience playing kickit everywhere you go. Kickits never “get flat” so you don’t need a ball pump… ever. Not only do they make for epic social media content, but they are the best for family games in the backyard. 

The feathers create drag which slows it down in the air and causes the Kickpad to flip over. The dynamic flipping effect is what has made Kickit famous! It's fun to figure out the proper timing and then once you get the hang of it, you tap into the rhythm. That rhythm has proven to put a smile on anyones face. Just wait till you try it for yourself! 

People of all ages love to kickit. Whether you're a Pro or just love playing awesome games - this kickit is for you. It's the perfect gift for any athlete! Be one of the first to own the coolest new products ever and ~ kickit today!