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Kickit Tech Specs

Kickit was designed by MIT engineers and Rocket Scientists that worked with NASA on descending space shuttles back to earth... we can confidently say that we have perfected the aerodynamics of the Kickit!

Designed for the everyday active person looking to mix things up and kick this state-of-the-art Kickit.

The Kickit boasts 5 red feathers (that slow it down in the air, giving you more time to react to it), a patent pending Rotational Axis (that accelerates the rotation of the Kickit so it flips over perfectly for every juggle), and a LARGE 4 inch elastic kick-pad (for extra bounce). 

Designed with:

  • Extra bounce
  • More hang time 
  • Consistent contact for the everyday active person

Not only can the Kickit be used for individual soccer juggling training, kicking around with your friends at tailgates, but it's the key ingredient in the official sport of Kickit where we play competitions at the net. Make sure you check out the Kickit Sport-Pack for the complete Kickit experience.