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September 13, 2020 2 min read

I feel a lot has happened in my short soccer career, and I hope it continues happening because soccer is what brings the most joy to my life!

Since I can remember I have been playing soccer my whole life. My dad's passion and love for soccer eventually spread to my mother and older brother where I would go from having support from 1 family member to now 3.

Kickit Pro Laura Ortega

As I got older, I started playing on my middle school team. I was the only girl on the team. At that point there weren’t a lot of girls playing soccer in Spain and even less in my hometown, Aranjuez, Madrid. In Spain girls only can play on the boys team until the first year of high school. After that, you have to look for a girl’s club. It was at that pivotal point in my career when my dad decided to push me to the highest level possible. He took me to tryout for the U-13 Atlético de Madrid Women’s Team. It was always a dream for me to play for the Atlético de Madrid Women’s Team and once I made the U-13 team I knew my dream was that much closer to happening. After a few seasons with the youth teams, I eventually was called to the senior team which played in the First Division in Spain. I was only 15 years old at the time. 

During my six seasons in Atlético I was called with the U-17 National Team of Spain to play in the European Cup and the World Cup. After that I also was called with the U-19 team to play another European Cup. We got to the final in all three tournaments but never won. 

Kickit Professional Laura Ortega

Once I turned 18, I started to get noticed by college soccer teams in the US. I decided to take a different direction at this point in my life and give college a chance. I got recruited by the College of Charleston to play for the women's team and it was something, that changed my life forever. 

In Charleston I got to learn a lot about life and learn a totally different soccer culture, as well as meet some amazing people. It was difficult at the beginning but eventually, I became accustomed to the different lifestyle! I was a top goal scorer at the College of Charleston in my years on the team and had received many awards for my performance on the pitch.

When I graduated from the College of Charleston, I decided to come back to Spain and continue my career. At first I played for Madrid CFF, in the First Division and after that I went back to the club of my heart, Atlético, where I currently play in the Second Division. I work hard everyday to get to the A team and get my team back to the First Division.

I am super excited to continue my career and see where it takes me. When Lorenz asked me which Kickit I like I said "I prefer the original Kickit Pro-Trainer because I've liked Kickit since the beginning and I've seen it grow in the distance!"

Follow Laura's professional soccer career on Instagram: @Lauraortega_12