Kickit Pro-Trainer Series: Lorenz Esposito "The Life"

Kickit Pro-Trainer Series: Lorenz Esposito "The Life"

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a college athlete that wanted to play professional soccer? As a former Division 1 player for the University of Connecticut and College of Charleston, I spent the better part of four years living the “dream”. Playing alongside the likes of Andre Blake, Cyle Larin, Jake Nerwinski and Kwame Awuah, I was already living like a pro.

Playing in college with these players was no easy task and at times it made my dream of playing professional soccer seem nearly impossible. However, in everyone’s career there comes a defining moment where you decide enough is enough and that you will do whatever it takes to get there.

What I didn’t tell you was that upon being recruited to the University of Connecticut, I tore my labrum in my hip during pre-season and was sidelined for 5 months. With little to no security that I would ever be the same player again, or that I would even make a full recovery; doubt was already setting in. With stiff competition to break into the start Xl and knowing that some juniors/seniors who were in the same position years ago, still have not played a minute. 

This is my defining moment. I chose to transfer in the Spring of 2015 to College of Charleston to not let my career die at the University of Connecticut. This was a decision I made with the support of my friends/family, which ultimately led to me making my way to Sweden to play Division 3 Football (let’s switch to football since I am in Europe now).

Little did I know, 18 months later, this thing called Covid-19 would bring the world to its knees and football to a stop with it. With individual training at home becoming tedious and repetitive, I needed something more. I always knew of the KickIt Pro Trainer, but never really gave it the time of day because I was a believer that you needed to train with just the ball! Oh was I wrong.

The KickIt Pro Trainer gave me new life and satisfaction during my training. Switching between ball and the KickIt Pro Trainer kept my focus and intensity at an all time high. 

Kickit Pro-Trainer

You can follow Lorenz's Professional Soccer career on Instagram: @lorenz_espo

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