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Choosing the Right Soccer Tennis Nets: Enhance Your Game with Versatile Options

July 03, 2023 4 min read

Introduction: Are you looking to take your Soccer Tennis game to the next level? The right Soccer Tennis net can make all the difference in improving your gameplay and overall experience. In this article, we'll explore the benefits and features of Soccer Tennis nets, specifically focusing on two options offered by our company: a 6ft wide X 2ft tall net and a 10ft wide X 3ft tall net. Let's dive in!

Section 1: Introducing the 6ft X 2ft Soccer Tennis Net

  • Designed for accessibility and spike-friendly gameplay
    • Playing on 3ft tall nets makes sense for playing normal tennis where you hold a racket in your hands and can reach high into the air to get over the top of the ball & spike it downwards. When you are playing a sport using your lower half however, a net this tall requires a lot more flexibility and a higher level of skill in order to get your foot high enough and have enough power to swing downwards for a spike. So, we lowered the net by a foot in this Soccer Tennis set. This gives more people the opportunity to spike, making it more fun to play and watch.
  • Perfect for beginners and casual players
  • Easy setup and portability
    • Having a smaller set like this means less time required to set it up. It also means being able to set up and play in smaller spaces which is ideal for small backyards, driveways and garages.
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity.
    • When we first produced this set, the net was designed with side stitching. This created a natural separation point making it easy for the steel poles to poke through and split the net. We learned that when it comes to kicking a ball over the net with force, there can't be any opportunities for the net to separate. We changed our design to better account for high impact gameplay.

Section 2: Unleashing Your Skills with the 10ft X 3ft Soccer Tennis Net

  • This is a standard size across portable Soccer Tennis net offerings
  • Ideal for intermediate and advanced players
  • Enables more challenging gameplay and strategic shots
  • 10ft X 3ft net inside the Kickit Sport Pack bundles
    • Initially we created Soccer Badminton. Like Badminton, it's played with a shuttlecock, only we engineered one to be kicked. In Badminton, the net is much higher than in Tennis. This increased height results in more consecutive rallies as it forces the birdie to travel longer distances in the air, creating more drag on the birdie and slowing it down. By slowing it down, players gain more time to react to it's movement and keep it in play. We wanted this same experience when developing Soccer Badminton for Soccer Players so we made the net higher. This 3ft height also translates to the game of Soccer Tennis played by soccer players. Having a 10ft X 3ft net available in the Sport Pack bundles has been a popular item offering both Soccer Tennis and Soccer Badminton experiences for more seasoned soccer players. 
  • Versatility for both outdoor and indoor use
    • Soccer Badminton makes for a fantastic game to play indoors during rainy, cold, or windy days. Soccer Tennis makes for a great game when playing outside is more desirable. Having the versatility of both options is something many people opt for.

Section 3: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Soccer Tennis Net

  • Size: It's important to consider the available playing space and your skill level when looking for the best net for you. Are you playing only in your garage, do you want to play on your camping trip? 
  • Portability: When you are looking at nets, understanding how they are constructed, how they travel, and how much they weigh can help you pick the best one for your needs. Our nets are made of rust resistant painted steel poles and leverage an internal network of bungee cords that make setting up and taking down a breeze. This construction never leaves you guessing which pole goes where. The poles lock together from a fluted connection joint. You won't need an instruction manual to assemble. Other sets come in individual poles with stickers on the ends with either numbers or letters to help you discern where to connect the ends. They will lock together with an inner metal bottun that slides into place once you rotate the hole over it. This can sometimes lead to increased stability as many of these sets require thicker and heavier metals.
  • Durability: Our nets have been in the market since 2019 and through years of customer feedback we have improved the durability to suit the demands of intense gameplay. Durability is an important factor when considering playing a sport like Soccer Tennis.
  • Stability: Having a portable net that weighs enough to keep it grounded in high winds while maintaining stability from a hard strike is a challenge. Keep in mind the width of the feed respective of the height of the net. Many nets on the market have short feet, often for less expensive shipping costs. These short feet can lead to the net toppling over. Our nets are designed to have a low sense of gravity and support with longer feet and thick steel poles to keep firmly on the ground.

Conclusion: Elevate your Soccer Tennis experience with the perfect net for your skill level and playing preferences. Whether you're a beginner, casual player, or an aspiring pro, our Soccer Tennis nets are designed to meet your needs. Choose the 6ft X 2ft net for a less challenging and spike-friendly game, or opt for the standard-sized 10ft X 3ft net for a more competitive and versatile experience. Don't miss out on enhancing your Soccer Tennis game with our top-quality nets!