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Kickit Announces Retail Partnership with Soccer.com

December 14, 2020 2 min read

Soccer.com Partnership with Kickit

Kickit makes it to the dance as the world’s largest soccer specialty retailer offers its newest, state-of-the-art products

Kickit, today’s globalized version of an ancient, no-hands game where badminton meets soccer, is proud to announce a brand new retail partnership with Soccer.com, the world’s largest soccer specialty retailer. Kickit has become such a phenomenon in the soccer world that the world’s largest soccer specialty retailer wants us!

Known for its passion and dedication to soccer, global e-commerce powerhouse Soccer.com is proud that every product offered on its site is handpicked by players, coaches, and fans. Kickit was hand-picked to inspire players at all levels, read on to find out why the Kickit team is so excited for this new partnership with Soccer.com!

Match Made in Soccer Heaven

Kickit products were engineered by USAF and MIT engineers in collaboration with professional soccer players as well as youth players. The result of this teamwork has designed a one-of-a-kind athletic experience loved by soccer players and fans. Soccer.com recognized the synergy between our companies immediately, and eagerly put the most popular Kickit products on its e-commerce site for passionate soccer fans to buy just in time for holiday gifting!

Kickit Products on Soccer.com

Soccer.com will offer Kickit’s entire product line, including the exciting new Kickit Sport-Pack. The Kickit Sport-Pack includes one Kickit and the complete net set along with a carry bag. Soccer.com will also offer individual Kickit’s and the Kickit Pro-Trainer, which soccer enthusiasts can take anywhere to practice skills and tricks anywhere, even indoors. The Kickit Pro-Trainer comes in original, new neon-flex, and patriot versions, all of which are offered on Soccer.com! The entire Kickit offering includes:

Soccer.com Goal Club

All Kickit products qualify for Soccer.com’s Goal Club, which means that members earn points and get discounts for buying Kickit products. Members who have earned enough vouchers can even use them to purchase Kickit products. For details on Soccer.com’s Goal Club, visit and sign up on the website here

About Soccer.com

With humble beginnings as a high-school soccer player’s idea to bring gear, jerseys, cleats, and more to the US fans, Soccer.com began in 1984 as a mail-order catalog. Today, Soccer.com is now the world’s largest soccer specialty retailer known and respected for its passion for the game. Visit the Soccer.com website for more information.

About Kickit

Like Soccer.com, Kickit began with a soccer-obsessed young man growing up in the Southern USA. Based on ancient sports and games that were played throughout the world as early as the 5th century BC, Kickit is the no-hands game that combines badminton and soccer, can be played indoors or out, and enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels. Read more about Kickit on the website:https://kickit.net/

Follow our social media channels to learn about exciting updates and see videos of happy Kickit players competing and performing awesome new tricks. Now that Kickit has partnered with Soccer.com, we’re ready to take over the world! Don’t be left behind - #LetsKickit!