Kickit: The Ultimate PE Class Game

Kickit: The Ultimate PE Class Game

I am sure you are thinking this might be another article about how Physical Education teachers can use soccer, flag football, tag or even kickball to get the kids moving while encouraging fair play and team work. I am also sure that you have attempted at some point in your teaching career to make these games more interesting by adding different rules or restrictions to the game. 

But what if I told you that there was a game where soccer meets badminton? Where teamwork is vital and skills will be developed? Would you try it?

Let me tell you about a game that is safe and easy to set up. A game that can be played indoors or outdoors and promotes teamwork. A game that will develop players basic physical attributes like speed, agility and coordination.

The classic PE games are good and all but the year is 2020 and kids are wanting more! They want something different. 

Let me introduce you to the Kickit, a game that will keep things fresh and fun throughout the year!


Kickit is a game that can be played just about anywhere! PE Teachers have told us that in.

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Easy Set Up

Besides for games with zero equipment, the set up of a Kickit court is fairly straightforward. Watch this video on how to set up a Kickit court. 

If you are more of a reader, check out this article on How to Set up a Kickit Court.

Skills Developed

If you have ever watched a Kickit match before you will understand that the physical attributes developed are real! Many players have told us that not only are they breaking a sweat while playing but they feel their speed, agility and coordination improving!

It is easy to track your development with this game by seeing if the amount of times you keep the Kickit in the air increases!

Team Sport 

Kickit matches typically can be played between 2-6 players. The more players involved in a match, as many as 4 players on each side, the more communication and teamwork will be required to keep the Kickit alive and win a point!

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