The Kickit Soccer Tennis Ball [Explained]

Get ready to make your next Kickit (soccer tennis) game unforgettable! With T.E.C. (Total Experience Control) technology, you can level the playing field and take your skills to the next level. Discover the secrets and learn how to use it to your advantage here. Using our T.E.C. technology properly, can help you create an exciting, fun-filled playing experience for everyone involved!


Q: Why is the ball designed this way?

A: Fun fact! Did you know the reason why a Tennis Ball has a wool-nap outer shell (the fuzzy texture)? This is designed to help the ball slow down in the air. The fibers on the surface of the tennis ball create drag and friction as the ball travels through the air. This slowing-of-the-ball provides players more time to react & get their body positioning together before making a play. This same material also enables players to affect more spin or 'finesse' on the ball as it has more grip.

Q: Why is the ball lighter than a normal soccer ball?

A: Heading the ball, or using your head to make contact with the ball, is a very common occurrence when playing Kickit. To avoid headaches we made the ball half as light as a normal size 5 soccer ball, but we needed to make sure it was still heavy enough for fast paced rallies. The lighter weight of this ball also makes heading less intimidating for younger players or those that are not used to using their head to make contact with a ball.

Q: What is Total Experience Control Technology?

A: T.E.C. describes our unique Kickit ball that's designed for playing soccer tennis. This ball is designed so you can make it easier or harder to play with depending on how much air is inside the ball. When the ball has a lot of air inside, it bounces higher, moves faster, and farther, making it harder to control. When there's less air inside, the ball doesn't bounce as high, go as far, or move as fast, making it easier to control. So, if you're playing with people of different ages or skill levels, you can adjust the amount of air in the ball to make the game more fun for everyone. The wool nap texture and lightweight nature of the ball takes care of the rest! Control your experience with Total Experience Control Technology.

Q: Can you use this ball outside in the grass? Or at the beach on the sand?

A: Absolutely! We designed this ball so it can be played anywhere, not just tennis or pickleball courts. We like to remind players to adjust the air pressure in the ball for each new environment. For example, if the gound is really soft, like on sand, and the ball isn't pumped up much, it won't bounce very high. In this case, pump the ball up some more for a better experience.



Thanks for watching and reading. We hope to see you out there kicking it! Kickit focusses on designing products for all to enjoy. If you'd like to see some of our other awesome products, you can shop here: All Kickit Products

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