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August 11, 2023 3 min read

Are you looking for a new & engaging way to teach soccer fundamentals in your Physical Education classes that's fun for everyone? Would it be helpful to have a pre-built curriculum/activity guide that you can download with diagrams and videos so you can start implementing immediately?

Look no further than Kickit Soccer-Tennis! This exciting hybrid sport combines elements of soccer and tennis (or soccer and pickleball), providing a fresh and enjoyable format that's perfect for students of all skill levels. By combining these games into one it levels the playing field since most students have never played before. This fosters curiosity and natural collaboration with students. In this article, we'll cover the basics of Soccer-Tennis, it's benefits for integrating into your curriculum, and how you can access our comprehensive activity guide for FREE!

Soccer-Tennis: The Basics

Soccer-Tennis is a unique game played over a net, where players use anything but their hands/arms to return the ball in a rally-based format. The blend of traditional sports into this innovative game creates a supportive environment for students who may be new to soccer or tennis or pickleball. It fosters collaboration and eliminates the pressure of already needing to be a soccer or tennis pro.

The Benefits of Soccer Tennis in PE

Integrating Soccer-Tennis into your curriculum has numerous benefits. It's an excellent way to improve foot-eye coordination and fine-tune dexterity. By introducing soccer in a less traditional manner, students are more open to learning and collaborating. Soccer-Tennis is also a close-proximity and high-octane game format which offers a refreshing break from the usual routine, keeping students engaged and excited about participating in physical activities.

Free Activity Guide: A Valuable Resource for PE Teachers

To help you get started with Soccer-Tennis, we've created a free activity guide that covers a range of gameplay progressions from beginner to advanced levels. Our guide includes foundational skill drills, interactive passing circles, and even fun competitive games designed to get every students' heart racing! With this guide, your students will learn the essentials of kicking, passing, teamwork, and communication, all while having a blast.

How to Get Started

To play Soccer-Tennis, you don't need super expensive equipment. In fact in most cases you might already have everything you need. To start, you'll need a soccer ball or something close to it. You can also start off with balloons or beach balls for adaptive learning. Our Soccer-Tennis balls are specially designed for this game, as they are lightweight and softer, making them less intimidating for students to try, but they are not a necessity for learning the basics. Begin by having students practice simple ball passing to learn essential kicking techniques, such as the right amount of power to use, kicking off the bounce, and how to kick in a direction.

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As students become comfortable with using their feet for passing, introduce passing circles to teach receiving the ball along with teaching teamwork and communication. Once these basic progressions are mastered, you can add a net and boundaries to the game. Begin implementing official game rules like allowing only one bounce per side and using up to three touches before returning the ball over the net.

Our free activity guide below provides key strategies to ensure a proper progression, paced for optimal adoption and sustained student interest. This approach ensures that not only will your students learn to play Soccer-Tennis but, improve over time, and be begging to play all year round!


Soccer-Tennis is a fantastic addition to any Physical Education curriculum. Its blend of soccer and rally-based gameplay creates a fun and supportive environment for students to develop foot-eye coordination and teamwork skills. To get started with Soccer-Tennis, download our free activity guide, packed with engaging drills and games that will keep your students excited and active. Click here to access the guide and transform your PE classes into a Soccer-Tennis extravaganza!

Remember, Soccer-Tennis isn't just a game; it's an opportunity for your students to learn, collaborate, and have a great time while improving their foot skills and coordination for life long activity. Get started today and make physical education memorable and effective with Soccer-Tennis.

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