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December 23, 2020 3 min read

Both players and fans alike will flip over these three amazing gifts

One of the most popular games in the world, soccer has millions of fans and players that are devoted to the fast-paced, exciting game. If you have a soccer player or fan in your life, you know how confusing it can be to choose a gift that is related to their passion. Don’t worry! This article gives you the details on the top 3 gifts for soccer lovers so you can put a big smile on their face.

FIFA 2021 Video Game

Among the best selling video games of all time, FIFA 2021 is a must-have for every fan or player. Available for PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows, the video game includes the latest teams and players as well as the ability to play online with other fanatics. No matter which team they support, the soccer fan in your life will be able to live out all their manager and player fantasies thanks to FIFA 2021.

Who: Players and fans

Pros: Great for fans to create their own team experience

Cons: Higher cost if no game system is owned by the recipient

Soccer Backpack

This sounds like a boring gift, but hear us out; the soccer player in your life will thank you! Staying organized for soccer training can be very challenging, especially with so much equipment to remember. The key to a happy player is this soccer backpack, designed specifically to corral bulky soccer gear neatly and in one location. Including a separate cleat compartment, vented ball storage area, and multiple pockets to organize accessories and supplies, some models even include a laptop sleeve so it can go from school to field. Ideal for soccer players of any age, they’ll never run out of room or forget an important item for a training session.

Who: Players, moms, dads, more

Pros: Amazing organization for every player or coach

Cons: It can’t improve your foot-eye coordination

Kickit Complete Ultimate Bundle

Kickit is where Soccer meets Tennis & Badminton! So why do soccer players like Kickit so much? It’s a chance to practice their skills away from the game and gets them active with family and friends. And get this; Kickit is a real sport itself, so it’s like doubling a player’s skill set almost immediately! The Kickit Ultimate Bundle comes with three state-of-the-art Kickits and 1 Kickit Pro, designed to be easy to kick thanks to its float rate, which slows the Kickit down so players spend more time playing, competing, and learning tricks and less time picking up the Kickit. The Kickit Ultimate Bundle also includes the complete net assembly and a handy carrying bag with a specially designed softer Soccer Tennis Ball for Soccer Tennis.

Who: Players, Fans, Anyone

Pros: Can be played anywhere at any skill level, improves skills, physical activity, fun with friends and family, social distancing game

Cons: None!

Sure there are cute coffee mugs and fun tee-shirts out there for soccer enthusiasts, but real soccer players and fans will be much happier with a gift they can and will use. Whether it’s FIFA 2021 for a true fan and player experience, a soccer backpack to organize all their gear, or the skill-improving yet fun game of Kickit they can play with friends and family, the soccer fan on your list will thank you!

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