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April 11, 2022 2 min read

Are you a fan of soccer and love training but sick of the same old drills? Is 5-a-side just not hitting the spot like it used to? Have no fear, for there is another way to enjoy soccer and improve your technique! We’re talking about a tennis soccer hybrid, appropriately known as Soccer Tennis. 

This is a game that takes the games of tennis and soccer and rolls them into one, providing you with a fun and exciting way to drill your ball control and develop as a player overall. You’re essentially playing tennis, but instead of rackets and smaller balls, you’re using a soccer ball and your feet. Seems simple enough right? But there are in fact various ways that the sport of Soccer Tennis can be played.


Soccer Tennis Rules


The basic rules of Soccer Tennis are that a service must be a kick, header, or some other sort of volley with a part of the body other than the arms or hands. It’s got to go over the net and then returned by the opposition within a certain number of touches and bounces.


The rules and playing technique of soccer tennis vary based on the number of players on the court, with singles, doubles, and triples each having their own minor differences in play. Below we will break down the essential differences between singles, doubles, and triples games of soccer tennis in an easy-to-digest table.






Court Size

29.5’W x 42’L

29.5’W x 42’L

29.5’W x 59’L

Net Height




Number of Touches Per Play

2 Touches Per Player

3 Touches (consecutive singles between players)

3 Touches (consecutive singles between players)

Number of Bounces Per Play

1 Bounce

1 Bounce

1 Bounce


*It’s worth noting that the bounce rules can be softened for junior players and those just starting, allowing for two bounces per play.


You can also play Soccer Tennis in different styles for the sake of exercising different skills. After all, the game is primarily designed as a drill for improving your overall soccer ability. Some of the variations include:


  • One Touch
  • Two Touch
  • Headers and Volleys
  • Every Player Touches the Ball
  • Right or Left Foot Only


What Now?


If you’re a soccer enthusiast looking to level up your backyard game time, or even a PE teacher/coach trying to reinvigorate some young athletes, why not give Soccer Tennis a try? It will offer you or your students a new, exciting way to practice fundamental ball handling techniques, along with perhaps becoming a new favorite sport overall.


If you’re interested in a full Soccer Tennis Set, check out our range at Kickit, where we have all the tools and training equipment you need to get Soccer Tennis and other similar exercises going in no time at all.


Have fun and happy volleying!