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About Us




We are so excited that you have chosen to join all the fun! My name is Eli and I wanted to write this, firstly, to express my gratitude for your visit and interest in learning more about us, and secondly, to share our vision with you! We are on a mission here! To bring people closer together. To bring family and friends closer together and share in a fun new experience that we call Kickit! 


Where did this all come from? A soccer obsessed 4 year old kid from Charleston, South Carolina that chased the dream all the way through college, discovered a secret along the way, and now I'm just trying to share it with the world that I know. You guys! So here's the secret:


Kickit is where Soccer Meets Badminton! The thing with feathers that you will be kicking around is called a Kickit and the sport itself is called Kickit… It’s sort of like how in Football, you play with a football… well in Kickit, you play with a kickit! :) 


Wanna know something else really cool?! This game has actually existed since the 5th century B.C.!!! That’s right! This game has stood the test of time... It has survived through scarce times and economic booms… literally centuries of time… so why is it that you have never heard of it before? 


Because it has primarily existed in the far east... We would love to say that we invented this whole new concept, but we were just lucky enough to exist during a time of globalization where we can share ideas across the world! When we came across this concept over 4 years ago, we tried it. And got totally addicted… then we showed our friends who initially thought it was really weird!... But then they tried it and now... they LOVE it!!! After that we showed it to total strangers… and they loved it too!!! So, after trying it, testing it, modifying it, making it better and more fun, here we are!The total set.  A. Total. Game.


This is just the beginning! We are aiming to build the next big sport and here’s how:


  • Create a ton of tutorial content for you to help master your skills
  • Show you tips and tricks on how to win! And Also have fun :)
  • Create localized tournaments and events for you and your friends to come play 
  • Gift prizes for tournament Champions 
  • Promote videos of your most epic plays online
  • Give-away Kickit Gear

    Why am I saying all of this? Because I want you to be in on it! We are attempting to build a real sport and we need YOUR help! If you love your Kickit and believe in what we are building… we want you to :

    1. Become the Best Kickit Player You Can Be
    2. Invite your friends and family to play
    3. Join our team of ambassadors!

    Send us a video of your first Kickit game and get a free T-Shirt!




    Eli Dent

    Chief Kickitier