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Tabs-Can you Kickit?

YES. You can really - actually kick this "birdie"! And that is totally normal for you you to wonder -- In fact, here's a quick story of what happened when someone just like you, who's never played Kickit before, joined us for a game:

It was mid-summer in Chicago, 2020 -- these two friends decided to join-in and about 5 minutes into our first match... 

one of them decides that they are just going to let rip -- give it EVERYTHING they've got. And this cat unleashes a full-volley-strike at full force

His laces make perfect contact with the kickpad and the Kickit flies over the net to score a point.

An absolute laser.

He looks over to his buddy in shock, eyes wide-open, and he says: "You can actually really kick that thing!"

In that moment, everything clicked for him... [and if I could speculate, he was probably thinking: "Kickit is the true g.o.a.t. (greatest of all time) of back yard games."]

And from then on... it was game ON. We played endless rallies back and forth - exploring new ways to strike with maximum power and accuracy - battling for Champion Of The Court. Such a blast.

That is Kickit. Friends - family having fun Kickin'it.

We have seen, time and time again, that when people like you discover the satisfying feeling that our new friends did above, you'll be absolutely hooked! In fact just two months later they both competed in our indoor Chicago Kickit Doubles Tournament - and brought their friends! So what are you waiting for, come on and join us. Let's Kickit!