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Kickit Sport-Pack Tech Specs

 The Kickit Sport-Pack combines the Sate-of-the-Art Kickit with a competitive backyard game. The Sport-Pack features:

  • 120 second set-up time so you can quickly set up and spend more time having fun with your friends and family and less time worrying about.
  • Durable 10 foot wide nylon net so you know the exact size of the court which means you can spend less time debating points and more time scoring them!
  • Net Assembly Instructions so you can quickly assemble the net without any confusion.
  • Game Play Guide for exactly how to play Kickit which means you'll never have to wonder if you're actually playing it right and you can spend more energy spiking it on your opponent. 
  • More Specs:


    Two adjustable heights: 3' and 5'

    Two adjustable widths: 5' and 10' - Like having 4 nets in one!

    The Sport-Pack weighs only 8lbs and is travel-ready with the shoulder strap. It takes approximately 120 seconds to set up before you're off and playing the official game of Kickit. 

    Comes with:

    • 1 Official State-of-the-Art Kickit  
    • 1 Official Kickit-Red Nylon Net 10' Wide
    • 1 Set of Durable and Rust Resistant Red-Painted Steel Poles
    • 1 Official Kickit-Red Carry-Bag
    • Net Assembly Instructions
    • Official Kickit Game-Play rules

    Perfect for outdoor AND indoor multiplayer games!